My intent was to live out the dawning day as I would any other: follow the flow and routine of what my schedule and calendar dictated.

My calendar was booked with school drop-off and pick-up, appointments, and several social engagements. My intention was to deliver and follow through.  Yet, grief overtook me. My spirit yielded to that still, small voice that I have grown to know more intimately as my tender and beloved Savior.

Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28

Jesus was calling. 

No, He was inviting me to hurry to Him.  

My heart wrestled with how yielding to Him would not make sense to the productive world around me. Yet, to surrender my day to Him would minister to my heart and soul, allowing Jesus to tend to my internal grief.  So, I listened. I surrendered my day and let go of many commitments.  

My schedule was now wide open, with only Jesus as my guide for how to fill it. 

Rest in God's Word, the Holy Bible
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My intentionality had done a complete 180–degree turn. I encountered great peace upon the realization over how I was intentional to create a space of grace for myself.  As someone who struggles with people-pleasing tendencies, this act of intention was nothing short of a miracle.

I was intentional in acting on His still, small voice calling me to rest in greener pastures.

With the day wide open, I pondered all that might lie ahead. For an introverted soul such as myself, I thrive on downtime to reflect, pray, read, be creative, and be outdoors. Many of these activities are turned back to Him in worship as I intentionally carve out a day of Sabbath rest.  

Jesus had invited me to come abide with Him by peaceful streams. He was calling me to lean into Him and bring my heavy burdens and grief.  His faithful presence was there, eager to capture every tear. His Living and Holy Word would be open to provide hope, encouragement and sustaining strength.  

I simply needed to be intentional to “Come.”

Here I am, Lord…Here I am.


Published by Stacy Mcclelland

Stacy is a woman with Texas roots, who, as a lover of mountains, camping, and hiking, is ecstatic to call North Carolina as her current home. Stacy holds a degree in Elementary Education, yet has chosen to partner in ministry with her pastor-husband for the past two decades. Together they have three daughters, Stacy has been blessed with the opportunity to manage their home with a focus on raising their girls. Armed with experiences of walking through the hardships of life with many, Stacy has also had the opportunity to embrace the journey of sustaining joy, grace, and overcoming all things in Christ while walking alongside others. Having traveled many parts of the world, she yearns to support and edify others in and through their circumstances. Ministering to other women through the power of prayer, along with learning and growing in the understanding of the Bible and how it applies to our everyday lives has been where Stacy has discovered her “sweet spot” for teaching. She hopes another avenue for finding connection, and lifting others up, will be found through her writing.

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